Free cyber incident response assessment

Enhance your organisation’s cyber security for a resilient future

When you suffer a cyber attack or data breach, the speed of your response makes a significant difference to your recovery – and the associated costs.

The sooner you act, the quicker, easier and cheaper it will be to restore affected systems and return to business as usual. But how effective is your incident response?

We are committed to helping you effectively prepare for and respond to cyber incidents. That’s why we are excited to offer you a complimentary assessment of your organisation’s cyber incident response practices. This high-level check will help you identify any gaps you need to fill.

Simply fill in the form to book a no-obligation call with us. During this call, our experts will evaluate your current posture and provide you with tailored advice on the best strategies to close any gaps.

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1. Test your team


Regular incident response exercises are crucial as they sharpen teams’ skills, ensure familiarity with tools and foster effective coordination, all of which are essential in responding swiftly while minimising the impact of real cyber incidents.

Put your team to the test with our Cyber Incident Response Tabletop Exercises.

2. Assess your readiness


Any weaknesses in your organisation’s incident response plans and capabilities can be identified and addressed by conducting a thorough assessment of its preparedness.

Our Cyber Incident Response Readiness Assessment provides an impartial review of your organisation’s ability to protect against, detect and respond to a cyber security incident.

3. Investigate


Investigating incidents pinpoints vulnerabilities, assesses damage and ensures compliance, fostering a proactive cyber security approach.

Answer key questions about how the incident occurred with our Cyber Incident Response Investigation service.

4. Emergency help


Emergency help in a cyber incident is crucial for swift, effective resolution. Specialists bring expertise, experience and tools to contain the breach and minimise damage. Their rapid intervention is vital in preventing further compromise. Additionally, they offer guidance on legal compliance and ensure a speedy return to normalcy, safeguarding the organisation’s reputation and operations.

Get immediate help on responding to a cyber incident with our Emergency Cyber Incident Response Service – 24/7.