DSAR as a Service

DSAR as a Service

An annual subscription service for organisations that do not have the time or expertise in-house to deal with DSARs (data subject access requests).

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Collating relevant information to respond to DSARs can be challenging and time consuming, particularly as the data subject’s identity must be verified, data should be screened and third-party consent may need to be obtained. Outsourcing this requirement allows your organisation to get on with the job in hand, while maintaining compliance with the GDPR and fulfilling your DSAR obligations as required.

DSAR as a Service

We can support you throughout this complex process with DSAR as a Service. DSARs are processed by a team with extensive experience dealing with such requests. Dedicated support for the process from GRCI Law covers all areas of the DSAR process:

  • Reviewing and assessing the nature and validity of the DSAR.
  • Verifying the requester’s identity.
  • Liaising with the single point of contact within your organisation to locate the relevant data and to acquire all the personal information relating to the individual.
  • Screening the collated data.
  • Obtaining consent from third-party individuals where their personal information is contained within the search results, and, where it is unobtainable, applying redactions.
  • Applying lawful exemptions, if applicable.
  • Formally disclosing the information to the requester.
  • Documenting the facts relating to the DSAR.
  • Liaising and interacting directly with the relevant regulatory authority. 

This service is available either on an annual subscription basis, which is perfect for organisations that want DSAR help year round, or as smaller prepaid blocks of hours, which could help organisations with a particularly difficult DSAR or to cover staff absence. 

Service options:





Approximately 5 to 10 DSARs annually Approximately 11 to 20 DSARs annually Approximately 21+ DSARs annually According to your needs

Includes ability to service one-off DSARs
50 hours included 100 hours included 150 hours included

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