Free PDF download | Cyber Incident Response Checklist

Cyber security incidents and data breaches are now so common that every organisation will eventually suffer one. They can occur in many ways, both accidental and malicious, ranging from the result of a sophisticated cyber attack to simple human error.

Whatever their cause, your response is critical: acting swiftly and effectively minimises the damage and the costs incurred, and speeds up your recovery so you can quickly return to business as usual. Having clear, robust and – most importantly – tested cyber incident response plans that you can deploy when you need them makes it much easier to mitigate the effects of any incident and meet your data breach reporting obligations.

Download this free checklist to help you:

  • Ensure you have considered all the critical elements when planning your incident response;
  • Decide who should be included in your incident response team and what training they need; and
  • Determine how the incident response plan should be managed, including the process, reporting, testing and communications.
Cyber Incident Response Checklist