The General Data Protection Regulation

Clients we represent

We offer clients our UK Representative service on behalf of the GRCI Group. These are the clients for whom we currently act as a UK Representative.

If you are a data subject and need to contact us regarding one of the below businesses,
please email

Our Clients

  • Ad-Ventures 3, Inc d/b/a/ ReachMobi
  • Amply Media (Ad-Ventures 4, Inc)
  • Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc
  • Devicie
  • Digital Extremes Ltd
  • Duck Duck Go, Inc
  • Fluent
  • Gradle Inc
  • Happiest Baby, Inc
  • Honeycomb Worldwide, Inc
  • Molekule
  • Neuromod Devices Ltd
  • Noiseaware LLC
  • Norse Feedback
  • 1 Second Everyday
  • Optiv Security Inc
  • Order
  • Oversight Systems, Inc
  • Planet Art LLC
  • POINT Biopharma Inc.
  • Pushly (Ad-Ventures 2)
  • Seelos Therapeutics, Inc
  • Sona Systems, Ltd
  • Spring Health
  • Virtual Hold Technology Solutions, LLC
  • WIN Fertility, Inc
  • Wise Publishing, Inc

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