What are you doing for Data Privacy Day?

Today is Data Privacy Day, an international event to raise awareness of the risks related to the way personal information is used online.

The annual event, run by Stay Safe Online, helps individuals who want to know more about data protection and organisations that are trying to better understand their obligations.

There are several ways you can get involved with Data Privacy Day, whether that’s by educating yourself, your family or your colleagues. Here are some of the ways you can get started.

Teach your children about data privacy

If you have children, you’re likely all too familiar with homeschooling at the moment, but the topic of cyber security probably hasn’t come up.

This feels more than ever like a glaring omission, given how routine it is becoming for kids to browse the Internet unsupervised – not to mention that they are currently required to sign up to online services to learn.

That’s why now is an ideal time to educate your children on the importance of data privacy. Stay Safe Online provides a list of tips to help you get started and, if you have teenagers, the Child Development Institute is another great resource.

Be active in your community

The pandemic has limited our ability to take part in community activities, but that there are still plenty of people in your neighbourhood who need data privacy and cyber security advice.

Many will have only got to grips with video conferencing and other networking tools in the past few months, and they may still be vulnerable to the risks associated with data privacy.

Stay Safe Online offers a range of ways you can help them stay safe online.

‘Stop, think, connect’ in the workplace

Stay Safe Online urges everyone to consider their cyber security and data protection requirements carefully thanks to its education campaign “STOP. THINK. CONNECT”.

It offers a range of resources around this campaign, including posters, videos and graphics, which are free to download from its website.

Employees are clearly under greater strain than ever to stay safe, given that the majority are working from home during the pandemic.

That means they are responsible for their own network and physical security, and they don’t have an IT team on hand to promptly address any issues that arise.

However, with these resources, you can remind them of the steps they should take to stay secure and that they are not alone in dealing with these problems.

How else can you tackle data privacy at work?

Data Privacy Day is a great way to drive awareness, but for organisations these risks must be addressed more than one day a year; you must instead embed data privacy as one of the core principles of your business.

This is a tough job, particularly if you don’t have experts who can lead your programme. That’s where our Privacy as a Service solution comes in handy.

Our team of experienced lawyers, barristers, and information and cyber security experts will work with you to help you achieve regulatory success.

This includes help with compliance monitoring, breach notification processes and data privacy management, and support completing DSARs (data subject access requests).

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