44% of Polled Organisations Cite ‘evolving threats’ as their Biggest Cyber Incident Response Challenge

In a recent LinkedIn poll, 44% of respondents said “rapidly evolving cyber threats” was their biggest challenge when responding to a cyber incident. This highlights how crucial it is that organisations have a comprehensive incident response plan in place.

Challenges in responding to cyber incidents

According to the poll, organisations face several hurdles when it comes to responding to cyber incidents:

  • Rapidly evolving cyber threats (44%)
    The dynamic nature of cyber threats requires an agile response from organisations. As threat actors employ increasingly sophisticated tactics, it’s imperative for organisations to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Inadequate planning (24%)
    Insufficient planning can leave organisations scrambling when an incident occurs. A well-structured incident response plan ensures that all stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities, facilitating a coordinated and efficient response.
  • Lack of skilled personnel (20%)
    A shortage of appropriately skilled cyber security professionals can hinder an organisation’s ability to manage and mitigate cyber incidents effectively. Investing in training and development programmes for staff, as well as recruiting skilled personnel, is crucial.
  • Insufficient resources (12%)
    While resources are important, they are not the primary challenge cited by respondents. Organisations should prioritise planning, skills-building and staying informed about emerging threats.

The importance of robust incident response plans

Cyber attacks and data breaches are now commonplace. However, a well-prepared incident response plan can make all the difference to an organisation’s ability to respond swiftly and effectively. Whether the threat is novel or well-known, internal or external, a comprehensive plan ensures that your organisation can manage the aftermath.

React swiftly and effectively

The speed and effectiveness of your response to cyber incidents are paramount. A quick and well-coordinated reaction significantly reduces the potential impact of an incident, safeguarding your organisation’s reputation and minimising financial losses.

To help organisations fortify their cyber incident response capabilities, we offer a comprehensive Cyber Incident Response Readiness Assessment. Our assessment provides an unbiased evaluation of your organisation’s ability to protect against, detect and respond to cyber security incidents.

We will assess your capabilities in:

  • Cyber incident response;
  • Threat and vulnerability management;
  • Event logging and monitoring; and
  • Business continuity.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, organisations must equip themselves with the right tools and strategies to respond to cyber incidents. By prioritising a robust incident response plan and using services like our Cyber Incident Response Readiness Assessment, you can ensure that your organisation is prepared to face any cyber threat head-on.

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